Library Webteam

The Library Web  Team develops and enhances library websites that are essential for conveying and accessing library users.Team members contribute their expertise in project management, writing and editing, visual design, Web design, photography, information architecture, usability and accessibility standards, and site development.


Web Advisor
Deputy Chief Librarian (Services)
Noraziah Sharuddin
phone : 07-5530104
e-mail :
Librarian, Library Application System Unit
Mohd Syafiq Firdaus Mohd Nazir
phone : 07-55310314
e-mail :
staff_mimi Web Content Manager
Librarian, Information Management & Research Unit
Syazwani Syamimi Mat Pauzi
phone : 07-5530195
e-mail :
staff_syana Senior Librarian, Database & Research Support Unit
Syahranah Ahmad Raqi
phone : 07-5530027
e-mail :
staff_yus Senior Librarian, Journal & Electronic Media Unit
Yusrul Hisham Mohd Yusof
phone : 07-5530302
e-mail :
1staff_salin Senior Librarian, Promotion and Alumni Unit
Salina Shamsuri
phone : 07-5530109
e-mail :
fahiezan_staff Librarian,
Librarian, Library Application System Unit
Mohamad Fahiezan Md Zan
phone : 07-55310316
e-mail :
fisah_staff Librarian, Library Management System Unit
Norhafisah Zakaria
phone : 07-5510312
e-mail :