Open Access RM0.20 per due day, counted from the first day due
Closed Access RM0.50 for the first hour andRM1.00 for every  succeeding hour
Reference Collection RM0.20 per due day
Bound Journals RM0.20 per due day
Current Journals RM0.20 per due day
Audio-Visual Materials Overdue item is chargeable at the rate of RM0.50 per hour
Diskette – RM0.50 for the 1st day, RM1.00 for the next consecutive days



Carrel room RM5.00/hour before 10.30pmand RM10.00 if return before 9.00am the next morning,RM2.00 for every next hour.
Discussion room RM10.00/hour before 10.30pmand RM20.00 if return before 9.00am the next morning,RM5.00 for every next hour.Sources : Collection Management Division Policy



#Users who do not pay their fines will have their borrowing facilities suspended. In cases where borrowers continuously refuse to pay their fines, the matter will be brought to the attention of the Senate Committee on Library for consideration.

#Users with outstanding fines will not be allowed to checkout any item by the self checkout system.