PC & Internet

 Internet and Assignment Computers

  • This service is free to all library members.
  • PCs are located on level 3, PSZ and all library users are welcome to use the facilities such as browsing the Internet or typing project papers etc.
  • There are 128 PCs located at the reference area for users who wish to navigate and find information from the Internet.
  • The PCs are also installed with other necessary software for academic purposes.


Multimedia Computer

  • Accessible for documentary, dictionary, encyclopedia, music, movies, animation, interactive, computer software & other PSZ collection via CD-ROM, VCD, DVD & diskette formats.
  • Located at Multimedia Room near Media Counter, level 3.
  • To prevent misuse of facility, all 8 PCs are unequipped with network.
  • Kindly register at Media Counter for usage.