UTM Library user education program are offered exclusively via physical face-to-face medium for many years. However, we have no choice but to reconsider and change significantly once the country was hit by COVID-19 pandemic since early March 2020. As a result, our program delivery has changed drastically, with the application of online learning, whereby the program is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms via Webex webinar.

There are, however, challenges to overcome. As the program coordinator, we struggled with internet access, technology and digital learning capabilities to ensure the program could run as smooth as possible during the early stage. Not forgetting the students, they also face challenges too. They have to encounter distraction, staying motivated and most of all is technical issues with the network.

Now, a year has passed and we are adaptable to the changes from physical to webinar. We are now capable to run the program effectively. Students could attend the programs from any location of their choice. The programs are recorded, archived, and shared for future reference plus this allows students to access the program modules at any time of their comfort. Since we implement user education program via webinar, the number of participation increase significantly up to 53% from 2019 to 2020.

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