What is Turnitin?

Turnitin an educational tool that allows educators to check for the authenticity of students’ work. It is an Internet based service (Web-based).

How does Turnitin work?

Turnitin accepts student papers and then it identifies content copied from either the Internet, previously submitted student papers or subscription database services & e Books. After performing the checks, it will produce ORIGINALITY REPORT.

As a student, how can I register to Turnitin?

Create Account (email to) turnitinlib@utm.my by using your UTM email to be registered
**User Account with Non UTM email will be deleted from respective Class ID without prior notice

**We STRONGLY RECOMMEND students to obtain the Class ID from their respective supervisor/faculty to check their theses/assignments for final submission.

How to make an enquiry regarding Turnitin?

Please click here for an enquiry. Please allow at least 3 working days to process your request.

What is Class ID and Class Enrollment Key? Where can I get them?

Yes, BUT only for the purpose of training and familiarizing yourself with Turnitin. Terms and conditions as stated below:

1. We DO NOT RECOMMEND students to use this class for FINAL THESIS SUBMISSION.
2. For FINAL THESIS SUBMISSION, please obtain the Class ID and Enrollment Key from your respective lecturer/supervisor/faculty. Then, submit your assignments/theses to the ‘Class’ created and managed by your respective lecturer/supervisor/faculty.
3. This is to allow your respective lecturer/supervisor/faculty to VIEW and EVALUATE your similarity report should there be any issue.

How to submit a paper to check for originality?

Click here to submit a paper

My originality report shows a very high percentage as it detects my previous submission. What should I do?

Please note that any deletion of Paper/Class/Account that you do on your own won’t definitely removed previous submissions. Please provide Class ID and Submission ID when you are requesting for paper removal using Turnitin enquiries. Click here to submit Turnitin enquiries.

How do I request for training and classes?

To request for a Turnitin training session,
please contact the Librarian in charge:
Ms. Haliza Zainal
Email: haliza@utm.my
Tel: 07-5530027




What is EndNote?

EndNote is a commercial reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles.

How to Download?

To download the application, please follow these steps:

1. Go to https://my.utm.my
2. Login using your UTM ID username and password.
3. Click on ‘Software Centre’
4. Select the preferred version to download. The latest is Endnote X9 for Windows and Endnote 20 for Mac
5. Copy the ‘Product Key’
6. Click on Tab -> Download Link
7. Choose file type -> Windows or Mac
8. Proceed with installation as you normally would. Insert the ‘Product Key’ when being prompted.

**Please ensure, to set your browser to ‘Enable Pop-Up’ before installing Endnote.

Training & Further Information

To request for a training session (EndNote for Beginners),
please contact the Librarian in charge:
Ms. Haliza Zainal
Email: haliza@utm.my
Tel: 07-5530027