Administration & Corporate Section

  • To manage acquisition of fixed asset, inventory, library services and materials through written quotation according to a fix period of time.
  • To arrange relevant training/course programmes for staff consistent with current needs.

Information Services & Research Section

  • To provide consultancy services in helping users to obtain information and use the library effectively
  • To provide library skills classes to all level of users
  • To ensure library services, materials and facilities are being fully utilized by the user through library promotion
  • To plan and provide services based on specific information so as to support UTM R&D efforts.
  • To provide easy access of information from UTM Library subscribed databases and other information sources.
  • To offer skills classes/workshops to researchers/users with regard to databases usage/information searching.

Resource Development & Cataloguing Section

  • To acquire and make available relevant materials in the form of book, magazine/journal, electronic media, audiovisual material, map, aerial photograph and others to support the learning, teaching, research, consultancy and services requirements.
  • To catalogue, classify, process and digitize material obtained according to established standard and to ensure the availability of bibliographic record as well as accessible via OCEAN.

Collection Management Section

  • To deliver competent and efficient counter service
  • To carry out preservation and conservation activities of UTM special collection materials
  • To provide users with services and facilities of accessing media materials
  • To collect, document, preserve, exhibit and interpret material proof and information by means of informal education for general benefit

Gallery Section

  • To develop, manage and monitor of UTM galleries.
  • To develop, manage and research of GALERIUM UTM’s collections.
  • To share knowledge and information through exhibitions, educational programs and publications.
  • To conserve GALERIUM UTM’s collections.
  • To collaborate with other institutions for the benefit of GALERIUM UTM.

Multimedia Section

  • To develop and collect multimedia materials for improving library services and supporting the element of University’s 7Ps.
  • To maintain and conserve UTM media materials and equipments for future legacy.

Automation Section

  • To provide IT infrastructure & facility for the library.
  • To expand IT usage in all library activities.
  • To make available IT services to other divisions in the library.
  • To support UTM Library in inculcating knowledge based culture amongst UTM community.

Special Collection & Repository Section

  • To manage developments and activities related to UTM-IR and to ascertain the accessibility of records through UTM-IR.
    To digitize audio visual materials, audio, video and multimedia productions to support the purpose of learning, teaching, research and consultancy in library services.
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