Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

  • Interlibrary loan or ILL assists scholarly research by obtaining library materials unavailable in UTM Library.
  • ILL locates needed materials by borrowing books or obtaining photocopied materials on behalf of UTM Library patron from other libraries/institutions inside or outside the country.
  • This service is eligibile to all UTM Library registered members.


How to Apply?

Application for this service can be made in two ways :

  • Applying via Research Support Consultant Desk
  • Consult the Librarian at the Research Support Consultant Desk to request for ILL service.
  • Complete an ILL request form for each item needed.
  • Hand in the completed form to the Librarian for action to be taken
  • Applying Online
  • Please select request below for applying inter library loan (login needed)


How to Check Loan Status?

Please access trough eLibrary login (link below) to check your interlibrary loan status