Purchase Request

How to Request

Request for purchasing library materials is open to all academic staff and non-academic staff (category A), and can be made thru :

  1. PSZ Library Purchase Request Forms – available from the Research Support Consultant on level 3. Completed forms may also be forwarded to the Faculty Liaison Librarians.
  2. Letter addressed to Head of Resources Development Division.
  3. List of requested titles (complete details) addressed to the Head of Resources Development Division.
  4. Send the list of requested titles via e-mail to :
    • Khairulbahiyah Yaakub (Senior Librarian, Acquisition Unit) : kbahiyah@utm.my (Books / Audiovisual in the field of Technology)
    • Zurina Rosmani (Librarian, Acquisition Unit) : zurina@utm.my (Books / Audiovisual in the fields of Science, Humanities and the Social Science)
    • Yusrul Hisham Mohd Yusof (Librarian, Journal & Electronic Media Unit) : yusrul@utm.my (Journals)
    • Khairun Nadrah Khalid (Librarian, Acquisition & Bibliographic Unit, KL Library) : khairun.kl@utm.my (Books / Audiovisual)

Purchase Guidelines


  • It is advisable that books should be ordered well in advance of requirements to allow for unavoidable delays between their ordering and receipt, particularly where items are ordered from overseas (please allow six months).
  • The library may normally acquire a copy per title so that the library can acquire the greatest possible range of titles.
  • Under certain circumstances the library may consider requests for purchasing more than a copy for a title. These may be discussed with Head of Resources Development Division or the Acquisition Librarian.
  • Titles to the maximum value of RM1000 will be purchased according to normal acquisition procedures.
  • Purchase of an item over RM1000 will be determined by the Committee on the Acquisition of Expensive Materials.


  • The same guidelines for  books apply  to periodicals.
  • Please choose journal titles carefully as once a subscription has been placed, it becomes a recurring cost and normally the subscription rate increases every year.
  • The library will review all journals subscription every two years.
  • Requestors will be notified as to whether existing journal titles are still needed or subject to cancellation. Notice of cancellation must be received early (before September) to avoid commitment for the following year.

Audio Visual Materials

  • The same guidelines apply to books.  For audio visual materials, previews will be made before purchasing